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The farmer’s almanac could call for sunshine, but mother nature might just have another plan. We never know what the world is going to throw at us but let’s vow to plan and prepare accordingly and pivot whenever necessary, together. 

Vow to Love Adventurously

An officiant who is down to adventure? What could be better! Patricia, better known as the “Adventure and Fun Officiant,” has officiated countless ceremonies in the gorgeous landscapes of Jackson and Star Valley Wyoming and Swan Valley, Idaho, well-known places such as the Snake River, Mormon Row,  Schwabacher’s Landing and The Wedding Tree, all located within the Grand Teton National Park. You will love her wedding day energy and unique ceremony scripts. Get to know her better below and fall in love yourself!

From elopements in the beautiful Teton Mountains to traditional venues full of family and friends, we can officiate your wedding in a meaningful way that truly captures your unique love.

bride and groom exchanging vows

what is An Adventure Wedding Ceremony with Patricia?

An adventure wedding is a celebration of your love held on a memorable outdoor adventure. Your family and friends can be there to share in the joy of this unique and memorable experience. Or you can simply elope, three of us.

High on a mountain, depending in majestic forests, floating down a river, or anywhere you might dream. A one-of-a-kind adventure with your family and friends. Or elope, simply. I’ll go-anywhere in nature to officiate. Need help? Planning and logistics for events in remote wilderness locations are a specialty of mine. I’ll take the lead or advise you. I work with you to determine the arrangements.

Get in touch with me to discuss your dreams and gather more information. We can also talk pricing your unique adventure ceremony.

All religious traditions, cultures, lifestyles, and sexual orientations are welcome.


Standard Ceremony: starting $350.00

Mileage: From Office Star Valley Ranch: (First 50 miles complimentary) __ X $0.65/mile per Google Map: (rounded up)

Travel Time Guidelines from Jackson:  

  • Teton Village – 30 mins
  • Gondola Summit  – 45 mins
  • Schwabacher’s Landing  – 45 mins
  • Moran/ Grand Teton Lodge  – 1 hr.
  • Wilson – 30 mins
  • Yellowstone Park / Flagg Ranch  – 75 mins
  • Yellowstone Park / Old Faithful – 3 hr.


bride and groom


Patricia is amazing. You can tell she enjoys her work and is wonderful at it! Patricia helped make sure our wedding went flawlessly on June 24th this year. She is a lovely human and spectacular planner. I don’t know what I would have done without Patricia. By the time the wedding came around, she already felt like family. Her way of speaking and guiding everyone is perfect. I initially thought I wouldn’t need a wedding planner, but am so happy I found Patricia. My venue and DJ recommended her with fervor and I know why. When I had an issue with one of my vendors, Patricia fixed the problem without a single complaint. She does not let her brides get tossed around and understands what customer service is all about. I miss Patricia already! She went above and beyond for me and I can’t thank her enough. When bugs got in my dress, she got them out. When my train got messy, she straightened it out. When I needed help removing my veil and putting up my bustle, she was there. No questions asked. She anticipated my every need. You get more than you pay for because she doesn’t treat her job like a job. It’s something she loves. I could not recommend her enough. Patricia, if you ever head to Vacaville, know you can stay with Joe and I no questions asked! I will never forget her for my whole life. She made my dreams come true.