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Ultimate Jackson Hole Elopement Guide “the Best Team”

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Patricia Naumoff, Jackson Hole Officiant

If you’re considering a Jackson Hole elopement and love adventure, you’re my kind of couple!! As your Jackson Hole Officiant, I love everything about Jackson Hole and everything about elopements. The simplicity of nature can’t be beat, especially when you’re surrounded by the stunning Tetons. Think adventure, brilliance and love…

An adventure wedding is a celebration of your love held on a memorable outdoor adventure. Your family and friends can be there to share in the joy of this unique and memorable experience. Or you can simply elope.

In this blog, I will touch upon the best way to create your most unique magical elopement in the Grand Teton National Park.

Did Know You Need (2) Witnesses?

Did you know that in the state of Wyoming you need two witnesses at your Jackson Hole elopement? Well now you do! Don’t panic!

As your Jackson Hole Officiant, I have the perfect photography team who can also become your witnesses.   So, if your Jackson Hole dream elopement was for you to elope with just your partner, officiant, and photographer then this photography team still make it work by adding a Jackson Hole videographer or Jackson Hole second shooter photographer.


So, let me introduce you to LOVE STORY STUDIO Owner Lizzy Crowell and team member Sadie.

LoveStoryStudio Lizzy Sadie

Lizzy and Sadie know Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park like the back of her hand and can guide you through the perfect locations and times. They are the perfect Jackson Hole photographers! 

I have taken the liberty to take inserts from their very informative “ULTIMATE JACKSON HOLE ELOPEMENT 2023 GUIDE”.

In this awesome guide, you’ll find everything from the best vendor recommendations to ideas for stunning locations for your elopement.

Let’s talk Jackson Hole Elopement Locations

There is NOT a lack of locations in Jackson Hole for your elopement. There are some really, REALLY great spots both in Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park. Keep in mind that you’ll need a permit (which Lizzy talks more about in their guide) to elope in Grand Teton.

Here’s one of those inserts from their guide…

JacksonHoleOfficiant LoveStoryPhotography<br>PatriciaNaumoff CoulterBayWY

“Although, they are saddened that there are many locations not on the ceremony list, they can still get incredible images! They are able to take photos at other locations, but they will need to be within 1/2 mile from the trailhead and/or parking lot. Nevertheless, it just means you’ll need to trust your photographers (Lizzy & Sadie!) to take care of finding the perfect spot for your dreamy pictures. They will take you through locations depending on your group size.”

See their guide:


What about your marriage license? You’ll need a marriage license regardless of where you get married in Wyoming. Overall, don’t forget this critical piece of paper! And after you say your vows and sign your marriage license, I handle the rest… submitting your marriage license to the Teton County Office is included in my services.

JacskonHoleOfficiant TheLightSeekerPhotography

Finally, the end! Hope this Ultimate Jackson Hole Elopement Guide to finding the best team helped. I understand it can be very stressful, especially when you may not live locally. So, let us help you! Clearly, as Jackson Hole elopement team we are here to help you have the perfect day. Therefore, eloping in Jackson Hole is 100% worth the effort.

Ready to plan your perfect Jackson Hole elopement?

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