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How to Include Your Furry Friend in Your Wedding – Best Tips and Ideas!

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There are lots of ways to involve dogs in your celebration, whether in a formal role-as ring bearers or flower dogs, for example-or simply as honored guests. Paws down, your furry friends will definitely make any event more memorable, but they also require special handling.

Do you know how to include pets in your wedding? As a lover of all animals, I thought I would help you discover the possibilities of how you could. I have some fabulous advice and the cutest and most original ideas to have pets at your weddings.

1. Cast Your Dog Right

Know your pet’s temperament. Is he friendly or aggressive? Does he make a lot of noise? Does he steal food? Well, at the very least, your pet needs to be well-behaved and know the basic “sit” and “stay” commands.

You definitely want your dog to be a cute addition, not a distraction. Some pups are calm enough to be a ring bearer or flower dog, while others are too excitable to walk down the aisle. Can your pet endure hordes of strangers and loud music? Before deciding which role to assign, consider if your pet’s disposition will lend itself to that type of situation-and if he doesn’t, don’t try to train him in the weeks leading up to your wedding.

Have a pet sitter around or someone the pet is comfortable with. You can’t always stay with your pets; a stray squirrel or mouse may have them dashing off for the exits. Having a stand-by pet whisper will help keep things under control while you are busy saying your vows. The pet sitter will also be in charge of feeding and walking your pet besides making sure he doesn’t dive into any chocolate!

2. Consider Your Own Personality

If your pet can’t be part of your wedding day, find ways to honor him in your details. Name a cocktail after him, for example incorporate his photo into décor elements. Create straw stirrers and add his picture.

3. Salute Your Pooch In Spirit

A relaxed attitude is crucial. Don’t involve your dog in your wedding if it’s going to introduce unnecessary stress for you.

Give folks heads up about the presence of pets in your wedding. Allergies are a troubling thing, so precautions must be taken. You wouldn’t want allergic guests feeling miserable or looking all sniffly on the photos.

Check the rules at your venue on having pets at weddings. Not all venues are pet-friendly, so ask the on-site manager if your dog is welcome. An outdoor setting is often the best choice.

4. Anticipate Potential Hazards

While you’re at it, your pet’s wedding attire the venue decor, for that matter-includes flowers, do your research (make sure your florists does!) as some are toxic. Ask the wedding venue about pesticides or toxic plants on the grounds, and about creatures that might distract or threaten your pet. Now that you have decided to add your furry friend to your wedding day, here are some adorable ways to include them.

5. Accessorize

If you are going to dress and accessorize your pets, let it be comfortable and harm-free for the pet. Choose a color that doesn’t just contrast against the fur color-white on a Bichon would be lost-but also matches the wedding theme. If your pet would shake off that beautiful hat or remove the bandana, fur painting cold be an original option.

It might sound cliche, but nothing draws more gasps of admiration from guests like a trained dog walking down the aisle as the ring bearer or flower girl. How about nail polish on a well pedicured pet, and a tiara will look outstanding.

How about a silky veil, bowties, lace, and taffeta! If your pet isn’t the flower carrying type, get collars of floral blossoms and greenery to replace the traditional basket of flowers or petals.

If your best friend would prefer to stay home, have him accompany you by having your pet’s photo on napkins, portraits, or even table number cards with his cute face on them.

6. What about a canine theme?

This may require that you delight guests with doggie-themed wedding favors. From creative party favors to pet-themed decor, having pets in your wedding is an awesome way of cementing your affection for your furry or feathery companions.

Another fun idea…Do a fun styled photo shoot with your pets, and engrave the occasion forever with unique one of kind portraits. Ask your photographer to capture the best moments with both planned and freestyle shots with family and pets.

Other more uncommon pets, like bunnies, tea-cup pigs and horses can be made part of your celebration too! You can add them to your save-the-date photo or dress them up with wreaths, crowns and beautiful bows.

7. Last but not least…

Prep Your Pooch…Bring your pet to the site before the wedding day, and have him come to the rehearsal to practice his part if he will be participating in the ceremony. Dogs like to sniff, so if you get that out of the way early, he’ll be less likely to do it at the ceremony.

Well, I hope this helped you decide whether or not to include your fur baby…Enjoy the journey.


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