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The First Look

  • 2 min read

Debating whether or not to see each other before the wedding ceremony?

The first look is the first time a couple sees each other before the ceremony! Typically, it kicks off the formal photos and a wonderful moment to capture.

1. Loop in your photographer

Have a vision? Share it with your planner and photographer. Why not your bride tribe too! Talk logistics and specifics or let your planner help you create just the right scene.

2. And your Videographer!

You can get amazing footage.

3. Keep Gawkers to a Minimum

Having too many people will make it feel forced and awkward, especially if you are in public place!

4. Leave Plenty of Time

Makeup needs to be touched up, and you need some time alone to take it all in!

5. Do it

Why we highly encourage our couples to have a first look…The perks of a first look, rather than waiting to see each other as you’re walking down the aisle will allow you to really enjoy your time taking photos, allow you to have a stress-free walk down the aisle, and you will get to cocktail with your guests!

6. Try this new trend

New trend — first look with your dad or bridesmaids! This is such a special moment having this time with your dad and how cool would this moment be with your bridesmaids…


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